Blow Me

Typography experiment with graphite powder and a little puff. A stencil, graphite powder and a little lung capacity makes each phrase or character completely unique.


Custom designed all caps typeface constructed of perfectly perpendicular strokes that just won’t toe the line. With a maze-like structure these letterforms all have their own rebellious alter-egos whereby the lines flow out of line and into muscle fibre style interweaving curves.

Vox Sans

Custom designed all caps typeface. Oh so slightly condensed, very structured letterforms with a few quirks and subtle rounded edges. Family includes a total of four weights; light, book, medium and bold.


When a designer has a persistent yoga habit…I made my yogi pals contort themselves into yogic letterforms purely so I could illustrate them into a full alphabet, because why not? Intended to be used a singular letters rather than to create words or sentences this group of 26 illustrations serves as a minimalist yoga themed display lettering system.